The Cancer people undergo ups and downs in their profession in their lifetime. They go through both the lows and highs in their profession; but do not lose their confidence. In fact the Cancer people perform extremely well after coming out of their humiliating defeats.

The Cancer people would perform extremely well in jobs like accountants, bankers, lawyers, politicians and auditors. There are high degrees of possibility of the Cancer people taking controversial decisions too. The Cancer people start their profession working under someone; and their stated objective is to learn the secrets of the profession by themselves. The Cancer people are known to come out and do the profession in an independent manner in their middle age. The Cancer people do stick to their preferred jobs; do not venture into any unrelated or unknown areas.


The Cancer people have moderate, but quite satisfactory level of finances in their lifetime. The cancer people are highly calculative in dealing with their financial transactions. The keep their expenses relatively low in comparison to their income; they do not overstep their limits.

The Cancer people have crystal clear plan on improving and sustaining their financial positions. Thus the Cancer people do not face any financial crisis; but manage any crisis situation (if any) more effectively and come out successfully too.

The Cancer people do not get any direct help from anyone; but induces or precipitate the situation to make it highly favorable to them. They never mind in eating into other spaces or fortunes, provided their self interests are completely safe guarded. 

The Cancer people never lend a helping hand to anyone in financial terms; rather they choose to advice on other options; or their help was too little and too late. But they talk in an extensive and elaborate manner about their timely help that addressed the core problems.

The Cancer people are known to keep them apprised of their assets & liabilities account; they are known to keep their accounts clean and transparent. The Cancer people are capable of holding the accounts of large public societies. Some of the Cancer people do land in big controversies too. The Cancer people are known to implement the rules for everyone and avoid any favoritism. If at all any favoritism is done by the Cancer, it would be well within the ambit of the established practice or law.


The Cancer people do maintain a matured relationship with their employees; they give the due respect and the recognition for the work of the employees. Even if the Cancer people have any problems with the employees, they do not show it explicitly.

The Cancer people are highly calculative in their economic viability of keeping their employees. They go to any extent of keeping the employees with them, if they are highly beneficial; but will not waste a single day, if that employee has outlived his usefulness.

The Cancer people allow their past employees back into their folds without any hesitation provided if that person’s would bring in them the benefits. Thus they are looked upon as an opportunistic and not dependable in character. 


The Cancer person is highly patient, till they learn the nitty-gritty of the job or business. The Cancer person would position themselves in a more comfortable position on their jobs till they are sure of the alternatives. The Cancer person would act as the confident of the employer/management till they work in the organizations. The Cancer person would throw open more regularities to their management; thus they strengthen their position and the reputation within the organization.

The Cancer person would ditch their employer at a more inopportune time; they become the main cause for the collapse of the past employer. The Cancer people would even become a biggest competitor for their past organization.

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