The Cancer people are cool, composed and calculative in nature. The cancer people do not get dejected very easily. The Cancer people are known to make multiple attempts till they succeed in their objectives. The Cancer people do not sensationalize any issues and keep it suppressed.

The Cancer people are used to digest all the insults and abuses that are heaped on them. They just wait for the opportune time to strike back. The Cancer people are highly talented in manipulative tactics. They do not involve them directly on any serious issues; rather they prefer to push the matter through the proxies. 

The Cancer people maintain cordial relationship with everyone; even with their known adversaries. The Cancer people are quiet good at arguing their cases more effectively. The Cancer people are highly efficient by making the hoax into a reality through their statistical arguments.

The Cancer people do avoid all controversies and tries to keep them in a legally safe position. The Cancer people always try to keep their actions within the legal framework; but always find them morally wrong.

The Cancer people never prefer any major changes in their lifestyle. They used to think about the entire future, while taking any decisions. When they find right opportunities, they settle down in their job/marriage/life. The Cancer people do not entertain any high ambitions; they strongly believe that the growth can not be achieved overnight; rather it comes in consistent steps only.

The Cancer people have enormous patience; their patience could be misinterpreted as a sign of weakness or the perceived lack of interests. Their patience could irritate the friends and family members too. After crossing the hurdles, they come out successful in their stated objectives.


The Cancer people do not exhibit their real intentions and thoughts to their closest allies. The Cancer people are better known for their shock therapies; they switch their stance or ideology at the eleventh hour. They never hesitate to ditch even their staunch allies for their selfish interests.

The Cancer people are known to posses two yardsticks; they measure it with a separate yardstick to fulfill their interests. Even though the Cancer people hide their selfish interests, they are fully exposed by their double dealings. 

The Cancer people do instigate others and fights for the social cause; but there would be selfish interests hidden in those agenda. The Cancer people are known to posses the art of disinformation campaign against their opponents. They slowly and steadily plant the wrong theories in everybody’s mind to complete their nefarious design. 

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