The Cancer people love their spouse; but may not be honest. They maintain double minded approach with their spouse. The Cancer people do not trust their spouse; at the same time, they are not possessive in nature. The Cancer people are known to mentally harass their spouse.

The Cancer people manage to dominate their spouse, even though their spouse is stronger financially and socially. The convert their spouse as a willing trumpets. The Cancer people are used to contact with other family members only through their spouse. Thus their spouse earns lot of displeasure for the Cancer’s omission and commission. The Cancer uses their spouse as a spring board to jump start their life.   


The Cancer people maintain bountiful affections towards their family members. The Cancer people plan in advance for each and every affairs that has important say in the well being in their life. The Cancer people are good at planning for the entire period of their life. 

They are highly affectionate towards their own family members; these qualities force the Cancer people to turn blind eye towards the misdeeds of the family members. The Cancer people do not hesitate to use the illegal methods, if that brings benefits to their family members.

The Cancer people do not exhibit their love and affection in an explicit manner; but their actions silently point towards the direction of their mind. The Cancer people earn lot of bad reputation during their lifetime; due to the excessive one-sided actions.


The Cancer people do have a lot of affection on their children; but never shows their affections in an explicit manner. There will not be any physical gesture to show their affections. The Cancer people firmly believe that earning and spending on the requirements of their children would be sufficient enough to show their affections.

The children take the cue from their Cancer parents to be more selfish; and strongly implement their parent’s agenda. In most cases, the Cancer people become the prime reason for the ill-advised behavior of their children.

Also the Cancer people do not show their equitable love and affection among their children too. Thus they create controversy and division among their children. Thus the Cancer people get affected by their children in their old age; they reap what they had sown.


The Caner people are known to have unhealthy relationship with their parents. They either live away from their parents or have very low profile relationship with them. The Cancer does maintain normal relationship with their parents; but there will not be any affection in those relationships. 

They tend to treat as a ritual rather than as their foremost duty. The Cancer people do believe that they fully discharged their duties as children, by meeting the financial requirements. There is no warmth or care in their affections towards their parents.


The Cancer people maintain a low key relationship with their brothers/sisters. They never terminate their relationship with their brothers/sisters too. The Cancer people maintain good relationships with their brothers/sisters, whenever and wherever it suits them. The Cancer people are known to keep their personal and the family interests over and above the relationships with the brothers/sisters.

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