The Cancer people exhibit their anger, when they are fully frustrated beyond the limit. The Cancer people do not react with anger in a reflexive manner. They rather choose their own time to vent their anger. Anyone could understand the motives of the Cancer through their anger. 

The display of the anger by the Cancer would be very short and brief. They used to shower with abusive words and high volume pitch to show that they are angry; many times it could be stage managed too. The Cancer people return back to the normalcy by themselves so fast; they have full control over their anger.


The Cancer people do not guffaw, when enjoying the jokes. They prefer to giggle, while enjoying the jokes of others. The Cancer people are known to make speeches laced with wits and humor. But the Cancer people do not laugh heartily for their jokes; rather expect others to enjoy their humor. The Cancer does exhibit a feeble response to the humorous incident/jokes. 


The Cancer does not spend much time and money for enhancing their beauty. But they do care about their personality; and also care much about their physical fitness. The Cancer people follow a middle path, in enhancing their image make over; they are known to keep the traditions. But the Cancer people keep them well dressed as per the situation demands. The Cancer people do not come out shabbily dressed up; does not dress up that attract the unwanted attention of the public. 


The Cancer people are tries to the mend the damaged relationship with everyone; do not allow the animosity to grow. The Cancer people are used to maintain normal relationship even with their known opponents. They do not avoid expressing their views to their strong adversaries.  Thus the Cancer people have more hidden enemies. The activities of the Cancer fetches them long list of foes who hates them in private.


The Cancer people do not show much inclination towards the entertainment. The Cancer person will have interests in the own set of entertainments; and involve them much into those activities. Thus they Cancer person’s interests in entertainment are quite moderate in nature. The Cancer people would find it difficult to get involved in the entertainment in a more explicit manner; perhaps due to the projecting the Cancer person as of more matured personality.


The Cancer people are known to affect by cold, asthma, indigestion and other common sickness; but they recover too quickly out of their illness. In the middle age, the Cancer people are known to get affected by some illness, which are continuous in nature.

The Cancer people could run into difficulties at the fag end of their life. But the Cancer people are so courageous in nature that they get along with their normal activities, despite their difficulties. The Cancer people should take care of the health, right through the middle ages. 


The Cancer people maintain less number of friends in their life. They start with their early life with so many friends and strong relationships. Over the period of time, the number dwindles to bare minimum. 

The Cancer people are known to keep some lifetime friends too. The Cancer used to speak exhaustively about their friendship in the later stage; but here too the relationship would be kept as a public relationship building exercise. Though the Cancer people boast about their exclusive friendship, they do not have anyone to share their feelings.

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